About Us



The Lily Lewit real estate agency was founded and managed by Lily Lewit

for the past 25 years. We specialize in real estate for investors and for people 

who simply want to buy or sell a home in the old and beautiful neighborhoods 

of Jerusalem: Talbiya, Old Katamon, Sahrey Chesed, Mamilla, Arnona, 

Abu Tor and the City Center. In addition, our office handles from time to 

time unique assets in various areas around Jerusalem in neighborhoods such 

as Ein Kerem,  Beit Hakerem,  Malha, Givat Oranim, Talpiot and more. 

With experience of more than two decades, the Lily lewit realty provides an 

excellent service to each and every client. Our professional and personal 

treatment promises the best results for your real estate deal.  Lily is personally 

involved in the entire process of buying and selling which includes the asset's 

valuation, legal status, taxes involved, interior design advice, the planning and 

building laws and some vital assistance in making a better sale or buy. 

For us at Lily Lewit's, working in real estate means dealing with one of the 

most important things for you, your home. The place where we all feel 

protected and loved. A place we want to return to every day. We do our best 

to analyze and understand the specific needs of every client whether it's a 

sale, a buy or renting properties while carefully escorting all the stages until 

the deal is signed to your satisfaction.

We provide service in English, Hebrew and French so Please feel free to 

contact us. We'll be more than happy to assist and advice you.

Real estate is work for us – for you it's a home!